• Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice

  • What are Home Care Services?

  • Our Philosophy

    Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice supports your right to make decisions concerning your healthcare. We acknowledge that your family is an important part of that care. For this reason, we strive to involve you in the development of your treatment plan. We believe that involving the patient and the physician in developing the treatment plan will maximize the level of individualized care provided.

    Through our home care program, you will receive professional services by caring individuals in the privacy of your own home.

    Golden Belt Home Health has a trained team of health professionals and support staff to coordinate your care and provide treatment throughout your recovery.

    Our Purpose

    • Have assistance available to you, your loved ones and your physician

    • Help maintain or restore your health
    • Minimize the effects of an illness or disability
    • Prevent further illness in your home environment
    • Allow you and your family to take an active part in your recovery
  • What is hospice?

  • Hospice is not necessarily a building or facility; it is a concept of care whose goal is to help a person live until he dies.
    -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

    Terminal illness can truly show us how each moment of life is precious. How wonderful when we can spend our final moments with our loved ones in a warm and comfortable setting, free from pain and suffering.

    The Mission of Golden Belt Home Health and Hospice is to meet the physical and emotional needs of the terminally ill and their families. All patients are welcome, regardless of age or illness.

    Hospice is:

    • Care provided by a compassionate staff with specialized training in pain control and symptom management
    • End-of-life comfort, not curative treatment
    • Physician-directed care
    • Care for the whole patient, not just the illness, with physical, emotional and spiritual needs included in the plan of care

    Hospice is not about dying. It is about living your best life to the very end.

    Why is hospice care important to your future?

    In the eve of our lives, Hospice care is so important because it provides:

    • An option for expert pain management and symptom control in your home when working towards a cure is no longer an option
    • Family teaching, support and involvement
    • A physician's care in your home
    • Patient care by nurses and certified home health aides
    • 24-hour on-call support from a Hospice RN
    • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family through professional counselors, social workers and trained volunteers
    • Loving support and supervision of family members during bereavement

    How is hospice care paid for?

    Many Hospice services are paid for by:

    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Private insurance carriers

    If you do not qualify for insurance benefits, or you are not insured, you will not be refused care.